Thursday, November 17, 2016


Travelling Bali, visit holy spring water temple Tampak Siring

Not only the locals, Hindus from all around the world when visiting Tampak Siring aspire to be bath into 12 sacred flows, desire to purify the soul.

Tampak Siring is a Hindu temple located in a valley between two hills in village Manukaya, Tampaksiring district, Gianyar, far from the capital Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia) about 40 km to the northeast. The temple is situated on the main road to Kintamani, a popular tourist destination on the island Bali and very close to the mysterious temple Gunung Kawi.

The holy spring water temple Tampak Siring is also known as Tirtha Empul having a very important role in the spiritual life of the local population. This is considered as the place dissolving the negative influences in life and purifying the mind, soul of human.

The central area of Tirta Empul has a sacred pond unfailing because the water is supplied continually from underground streams, which are the waters from the high mountain flowing to.

In front of holy pond has two lakes, and in these lakes, there are faucets lined into continuous row from east to west, facing to east and they have own name such as Pengekulatan, Sudamala, Cetik or Perbesihan, etc.

 Locals are bathing at holy stream Tampak Siring​

The locals or Hindus from all over the world when visiting Tampak Siring to be bath into 12 sacred flows, desire to purify the soul., wash the bad luck on the body and spirit, aspire to gods bless, caress and protect, give them a healthy body, a pure heart and a nous mind.

Especially, on the first and fifteenth day every month in moon calendar, there are many people going to the temple Tirtha Empul to pray to bless.

Family with several generations lining to wait to be bathed in holy water, celebrate Mass and pray, even, ask holy water creating a real party in the region.

A girl with his son come to ask luck​

Although has been witnessed many unique festivals in Bali, we were impossible to not surprised and overwhelmed by strange culture in Tampak Siring and realized that deciding to the holy spring water temple on the fifteenth day was a wise decision.

Right outside of preparing offerings area, there was a large number of incredibly beautiful and charming Hindu devotees in traditional outfits are slowly preparing to celebrate Mass, is also inherently a work of art prepared preciously and sophisticatedly.

Women often wear a beautiful ceremony tray on the head and walk up to the temple to celebrate Mass at the main Cathedral area; after praying, they will wait for those with dignitaries looking after the temple to come and to bless fortune, with respectful attitude and faith exuded in each glance, the bow or bracelet.

The entrance ticket of the Tampak Siring Temple is 15,000 Rupees (about $ 16), to enter the temple, everyone must to wear sarong and women in the menstrual period will not be allowed to come to the temple.

The lake on the left temple is not too big and with the number of people to "holy water please" is quite large, they immediately line up and dip half their body in the water. Children are often hold in the arms of parents, they calmly wait in turn and happily play.

I stood for a long time to observe a circle of prayer, everyone follows the circle from east to west, go through over 12 taps, and offering is the multi-colored flower tray if available.

They dip down whole body under running water or use the hands to spray water in the face, hair, and chest, respectfully pray, then slowly move to make room for the next person. Some people carry the plastic container to get water to home.

In the main temple area where pagans are not allowed to enter, and many tourists are fumbling in sarong wrapped legs, we shared space outside the protecting wall to observe the natives (often going in groups, families) celebrate Mass, kneel to pray, and are bestowed holy water as bodhisattva slightly swing the willow twig./