Thursday, November 17, 2016


Devil's pool where is not for the faint of heart

Swimming on the mouth of death at the Devil's Pool (pool of demons) is experience that anyone visiting Victoria Waterfall located between Zambia and Zimbabwe border will want to do once in a lifetime. Referring to the Victoria waterfall, it's impossible to not to mention the Devil's Pool, one of the most bizarre and dangerous swimming places in the world.

Devil's Pool is a natural deep-water pool located on top of the Victoria waterfall, it was created by erosion from thousands of years ago, with the edge of the lake is about 70cm helping to prevent swimmers from being swept away by the splashing waters on top of the waterfall.

Every year, there are many tourists coming here to conquer the feeling of swimming at an altitude of death. Many people admit that just a little caught off guard, they may have lost their lives while swimming in this lake. In the dry season, the period from September to December is the time that Devil's Pool most beautiful, as the water of Zambezi River flows not too fast, you can comfortably enjoy swimming here.

When swimming in the pool, you will see firsthand the spectacular natural views right in front of. Especially, water vapor combined with African sun will create stunning giant rainbow, hovering across the abyss.

Devil's Pool, where is not for the faint of heart​

Appealing like this, so Devil's Pool always has a special attraction for tourists all over the world. Because there is nothing can cause heart disease except swimming between a challenging boundary of a natural ledge between high waterfall and the abyss.

However, the risk is unavoidable and besides that, there are also the guests too enjoying thrills and could not restrain their actions; so each year, the Devil's Pool still takes away the lives of many.

At this depth, just a little negligence you may fall to abyss​

In order to please those who love thrills, this place offers preparation services for the "1-0-2" picnics on the edges of Victoria waterfall. To ensure absolute safety for tourists, each journey always has tour guide and only allows a maximum of 16 swimmers at the same time.

Since its threat level, Devil's Pool will never be the destination on list of the faint of heart.