Thursday, November 17, 2016


The unique beauty of Borobudur temple in Indonesia

Referring to Indonesia, visitors often think of Bali, the island with beautiful beaches. But the symbol of this Islamic country is Borobudur temple, a Buddhist architectural work ranking into ancient and greatest top in the world.

Borobudur temple is the unique architecture of Indonesia built in the eighth century, under the reign of King Syailendra. This sacred temple has unique and exquisite architecture outstanding among traditional temples of Indonesian.

Borobudur temple complex consists of many small towers wrapping around a main tower with 42m in height and 12 tower floors. To reach to the highest tower top, you have to climb the ladder and go through the corridors of 12 tower floors with a total length of 5 km.

Each tower storey has carved exquisitely describing the life of Buddha and earthly. The bas-reliefs runs along the corridor, describing the stages of human life when toward to perfection. Being one of the most famous temples in the world, Borobudur stands majestically on a hill, overlooking the verdant and fertile plains.

 Architecture of Borobudur temple is very beautiful and firm​

Borobudur temple is considered to be a famous attraction, attracting tourists to Indonesia. This is not only a rare wonders becoming a symbol of Indonesia but it also is one of the works of art with delicate architecture having greatest value in the world.

There are 2,760 reliefs at Borobudur temple offering visitors the extremely interesting experiences to learn about the culture of thousand-island country. Although Borobudur temple once considered is the pride of the Java Buddhist, this temple had been forgotten for centuries.

A Buddha statue sitting on the lotus inside temple​

Borobudur Temple has convenient position, away from Yogyakarta 40 kilometers to the north. To visit is the temple, visitors can take a taxi from the center of Yogyakarta or rent a motorbike.

In Buddha's birthday celebration every year, many long queues come here to pilgrim. Everyone wants to up the top the temple to admire space around, watching the huge green carpet stretching in front, drop lights and enjoy the pure atmosphere. The best time to explore the mysterious beauty and record impressive pictures of Borobudur is at dawn.

The beauty of Borobudur is likened to a brilliant lotus floating in middle of the lake. Borobudur has architecture, form and landscape that are very different from the other traditional Indonesian temples. Borobudur complex has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. Not only being an admirable wonder of Indonesia, but it also is a grandiose artistic and architectural work with greatest value of the Buddhism world and of all humanity./