Thursday, November 17, 2016


Ati-Atihan Festival, Spring Festival in the Philippines

Has appeared for 800 years, Ati-Atihan Festival is considered the largest spring festival, colorful and most fun in the Philippines.

If coming to Kalibo, center of Aklan province in Panay Island, Philippines on the 3rd week of January, you will be participated in the festival that is most spectacular and the oldest of this country. This is an occasion to Filipino people honor the Baby Jesus, the patron for the whole country. Every this occasion, Kalibo becomes vibrant with colorful costumes, wild dances and drumming thrill everywhere.

Ati-Atihan Festival stemmed from the thirteenth century when a group of Malay immigrants came here. To easily integrate with the indigenous people having dark skin, they painted their face black and sang, danced to express gratitude for being provided food and land to live. Today, to keep this ancient origin, who participated in the main parade in festival also painted their face with soot and wearing the brilliant national costumes.

Although lasting for a week, the focus of this festival is 3 days from Friday to Sunday. In particular, Sunday is the biggest day with procession of Baby Jesus statue from the church Kalibo to the park Pastrana nearby. This lavish procession ceremony has become a parade attracting many participants.

Not just that, Ati-Atihan festival also attracts visitors with outdoor dancing contest. To participate in this competition, the dancers of the groups of contestants had to prepare several weeks before the performance. Each team consists of 40 to 50 people will represent for their local to participate and try to get the bonus.

However, at this time, the hotels and resorts around here again have been fully booked from the previous month. If unfortunately you cannot find a hotel room, you can also rent a room of the people around there to rest. Another noteworthy point is that although the festival is held spectacularly and lasted for several days, there is always security police here. Moreover, after participating in the festival, visitors can also visit the beach Boracay after an hour going by car to have fun and swimming.

People disguise and perform traditional dances in the parade on street​

Please prepare for yourself what is needed and travel to Philippines in the early days of spring to participate in Ati-Atihan festival and discover many interesting things in this country, wish you happy holiday