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Explore the world of witches in Salem

Being a small city about 25km to the north of Boston, Salem is widely known for witchcraft penalties by which many accused people were hanged in the 17th century. And nowadays, this painful past helps Salem to become tourism city of Massachusetts.

Salem was built by native fishermen in 1626 and is known for the tracing and killing of those convicted of witchcraft. The most famous of which is the 1692 paranoid witchcraft allegation causing over 200 innocent people, both men and women, being imprisoned, including 21 executed, as well as a number of deaths when tragic incident happening. At least seven museums simulating this dark period can be found in Salem.

Presently, beside the name "Witch City", Salem also attracts tourists with its history as one of the aged cities in America, its typical lighthouses by the coast of Massachusetts, etc.

At the City’s historic center, the 18th century private homes and the heyday of the City are still completely intact. On Chestnut Street, connected to the mentioned historic center, series of shops, stores always crowded with tourists throughout the day are situated.

Nowadays, ‘witch’ has become... a symbol of Salem, even the City’s police badge includes the picture of a witch on the broom! On the roads of the City, you can easily run into modern witches flocking to Salem to purchase witchcraft utilities and equipment.

And, in addition to traditional tourist souvenir shops, “specialized” witch shops can be found which you can browse to remind yourself of ancient blood-stained tales and modern-time super-natural beliefs.

Salem can also be considered a gigantic outdoors entertainment park due to Halloween festivity taken place almost throughout the year. If you are in Salem in October, be prepared to elbow yourself through the crow of nearly 100,000 tourists, double the number of local people! Therefore, the history of Salem, with journeys to discover an extremely diversified world of witches, is the key theme for tourism.

Salem Witch Museum, at the city center, is the top tourist attraction spot in Salem. From the simulated paranoid accusations in fascinating drama forms, you can understand deeply the pain of those who were allegedly accused of being witches. Witch objects in both archaic and modern times may help you unveil the mystery of the world of witches!

The Witch House, or The Jonathan Corvin House, the only house left in Salem related to witch tales, is a highly-recommended visiting site. It is the residence of Mr. Jonathan Corvin, one of the judges involving in the 1692 case regarding witch. Every room of the house is strictly preserved to help tourists understand a part of the people’s life then.

bungalows-witch.jpg A mysterious wooden house of a witch prior to the death execution​

At Witch Dungeon Museum, you will undergo a memorable experience when interacting with actors and actresses, bloody trials, and seeing simulated detention rooms for those accused of being witches before they are hung…

Finally and normally, Old Point Cemetery is the final stop of a witch-tracing journey in Salem. This is the burial location of the hung victims and those related to the cloudy tales.

On the other side of the sites recollecting witch images, “The House of the Seven Gabbles”, the most age-old and renowned wooden house of the area, will relieve your feelings with numerous exhibits in kind and picture.

The House will excite you with your discoveries of hidden rooms and mystifying rooms and a secretive stairway in it. The flower garden looking onto the sea seems to mitigate the gloomy atmosphere of the house.

Another choice is Peabody Essex Museum, which brings you back to the early stage of American marine history, simultaneously allows you to contemplate the Asian artistic and cultural collection aged hundreds of years ago, when Salem was in marinal trade with this continent, Asia.

The 16 houses in Chinese architecture, relocated from the south of China, are included in the Museum, and one of the alluring destinations to tourists of all ages is the candy shop considered to be the most aged shop of America in Salem. This is where candy corn, the officially-recognized festive candy, is produced…
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