Monday, February 29, 2016


Little India, an exciting visit location in Singapore

According to Skyscanner Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, the Arcade Little India, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, and so on are the destinations you should not ignore when visiting Little India.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

Located in the center of Little India on Serangoon Road, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is one of the oldest temples in Singapore. The temple was constructed by workers in 1855 and it worships goddess Kali - Goddess of Strength. During World War II, when the attacks took place in the air, there were many people resided in this temple. The temple and the civilians hiding inside it have escaped from the intense bombings.

 Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Singapore's oldest temple​

In the 80s of the 20th century, the temple was restored; it was added another unique tower including 8 main domes and many other small domes; this has made the temple became one of the most magnificent spectacle place in Singapore.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Also located on Serangoon Road, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is a typical work of temple architecture of the south Indian, characterized by pyramid-shaped pylon. In particular, this is also the origin place of the festival "mortification" Thaipusam every year. At the festival, there are many activities of entertainment; they are the scary and creepy mortification monitor; inwhich the participants seem to no longer feel the pain. They skewer the sharp objects into the body, using iron hooks to hook into the flesh, walking on nails and countless other forms of mortification.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

This is one of the most notably Buddhist worshiping temples in Singapore visited by many people, Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple is often known for name "temple of 1,000 bulbs." It was built in 1927 by a Thai monk named Vutthisara; visitors will recognize the powerful influence of Thailand in the style of architecture and decoration of the temple. Step on it, you'll notice immediately to the majestically statue of Buddha as high to 15m, surrounded by a series of seemingly endless long lamp.

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

This place also has many shopping malls and the streets with Indian-style architecture: Mustafa Centre, Serangoon street, Tekka market ..., you should prepare for a visit during staying here to explore all the beauty of Little India, a interesting visit location of Singapore.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

Like to the other typical festivals, the monkey buffet festival in Thailand was held in November each year, in an ancient Khmer temple of Phra Prang Sam Yot aiming to thank, commemorate for the hero Rama as well as protecting the interests for these monkeys having created potential of tourism.

Opening the festival is the performance of monkeys dancing on the tables of colors that are presented with hundreds of fruits, sweets and beautifully colorful drinks to "entertain" more than 600 cute monkeys in the area.

In addition, visitors coming to participate in this festival are also immersed in the fun activities, are manually put the food in monkeys' mouth or photographed with these adorable monkeys as a happy anniversary for showing to friends and relatives. The guests can also participate in parade activities during the festival, enjoy the performances or learn about special souvenir of the festival.

Monkey Buffet Festival, only by listening to the name you might also imagine the part of this festival. Yes, this is the festival that people in the province Lopburi, Thailand (here is considered as the capital of the apes) organize for the monkeys. Unlike other festivals, the main subject of this festival is not the human; this event is only for the cute monkeys.

Not only does Thailand has this "unique" and "strange" festival, but this beautiful country also has many other special festivals taken place throughout the 12 months . This place will be an attractive destination for you and your family in this summer
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Legoland Park, a unique recreational area in Malaysia

Legoland Park is a park designed in architectural art of game lego getting a lot of love of children. Previously, if wanting to explore the types of this unique park, visitors must go to the US, Denmark, UK or Germany ... Currently, you are very easy to take your little angels to visiting this architecture right at Legoland Malaysia.

The Legoland Park is a park designed in architectural art of game lego getting a lot of love of children. Previously, if wanting to explore the types of this unique park, visitors must go to the US, Denmark, UK or Germany ... Currently, you are very easy to take your little angels to visiting this architecture right at Legoland Malaysia.

The Legoland Park enthralls kids by the fantasy world this place brings. At Legoland, the imagination has turned simple lego bricks into animals, the wonders, a dreamy world, and so on. To welcome the little angels, right in the entrance has a fun zoo. There are dinosaurs, giraffes, camels, rhinos, dragons, horses, and so on in here. All of them are arranged by lego; they look cute, adorable as he stepped from the animated film.

At Miniland area of Legoland, children will be admired the beauty of the most famous architectural wonders of the world, from the Petronas Twin Towers (Malaysia), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Taj Mahal (India), Great Wall (China) to the ancient town of Hoi An (Vietnam) ... These miniature structures are simulated with 1:20 ratio and is built from the tens of millions of Lego pieces. Surprisingly, the old towns or the temples at Legoland are meticulous in architecture, looks no different from real version, even surprisingly lively.

​Not only being a place of entertainment, but Legoland also can help children release energy, stimulating creativity and imagination. This is also an opportunity for parents to see the shy boy in home outdo himself when play the thrilling games. These experiences can increase confidence and inspiration to discover the life of children. Many games in Legoland are designed for parents and children can have fun together, to encourage the good cooperation of parents and children, and save the beautiful memories together.

Legoland is located in the beautiful tourist city Johor Bahru of Malaysia. Currently, going to Legoland is very easy and save the cost.

In Johor Bahru, besides the park Legoland, the families can have fun, sightseeing in many famous places such as the city famous Hello Kitty, Angry Bird Park. Parents also can comfortably shopping in attractive shopping areas like Johor Premium Outlets, City Square, and so on. Johor Bahru is just far away from Singapore a river, so the travelling between the two countries is also convenient for young families
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Lunar New Year of the Korean people and the things you need to know

If you are prepared to travel to Korea on the occasion of Lunar New Year, the following things will help you get the love of local community.
1- New Year Greetings
Normally, when Koreans say happy New Year, the sayings will mean that "Wish you get more luck and happiness in the New Year." It is pronounced: bah doo sae hae bok manhi seh yo.

The way for giving gifts
A week before Seollal, Koreans usually busy with shopping of gifts for relatives and friends. Popular gifts include meat, the gifts or cash. Besides that, the more common gifts are fish, fresh fruit, ginseng, honey, health care products, toiletries, dry fish and hangwa (a Korean traditional cake).

If you would like to donate cash, banks issued cash gift packages, including the new banknotes from various countries worldwide. However, Koreans are like being donated ginseng, the rare ginseng is what they enjoy immensely.

Traditional beliefs

Koreans believe that ghosts to earth to steal shoes in the New Year. These souls will choose shoes fitting their feet and bring mischance to the owner of the shoes throughout the year. Therefore, people often hide shoes in a safe place.

Things should to do in the morning

According to tradition, the Koreans will buy bokjori (a bamboo basket) and hung on the wall to bring luck to the family. It is believed that you buy bokjori as soon, the luck come to your family as much. On this occasion, people also wear the most colorful and beautiful Hanbok with the wish for a bright future. Then they will visit families and relatives to celebrate the holidays together.

Charice, tradition of worshiping ancestor

Charice is a rite to pray peace and the health for ancestors. A table of charye is furnished with many fruits with all shapes, bright colors. Koreans also have their own rule for arrangement of the altar, called Jesa Whiz.

The traditional dishes are placed on the altar include rice cake soup, sweet potato noodles with meat and vegetables, pork ribs, traditional biscuits, fruits and many other items. After Charye ceremony ended, everyone will come together to eat traditional dishes hoping good things of ancestors will left for them.

Tteokguk rice cake soup

The people of Korea have the habit of eating Teokguk - rice cake soup on the first morning with family. People have a habit of asking they eat how many bowl of rice cake soup because they conceive that you will be increased one year old if you eat a bowl of tteokguk.

Sebae, the New Year’s Bow

After the meal, the children in the family will bow respectfully and donate gifts for grandparents, parents. Then, the elders will give descendants red packets (sebaedon). Men and women have a different bow. Sebae is not simply bow but it also is an important ritual in the New Year.

Family's activities

With family members, they often play Yut Nori together (game of dropping 4 sticks on a plaid table), stone bridge, archery and kite flying. In addition, people can gather and watch movies together.
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The festival of Malaysia Year End Sale

Festival of selling discount goods in Malaysia with the name Malaysia Year End Sale occurs from mid-November and ends in early January each year. During this period, a series of items from clothing, shoes, and handbags to electronic devices, housewares apply discount policy from 30-70% in many shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur.

Sunway Pyramid

Far from the center of Kuala Lumpur about 20 minutes of driving, Sunway Pyramid is located inside a complex of shopping, entertainment and relaxation. With stunning design as palace, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall attracts over 3 million visitors each month. More than 300 shops with items of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, household, and so on are enough to retain customers for hours.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

BB Plaza

Bukit Bintang Plaza, or commonly known as BB Plaza, also is one of the major shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur, located in the heart of the "golden triangle". In this place and other shopping centers, there are many different items: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, handbags, computer parts, children's toys, but the most famous is the clothes and clock.

For foreign tourists, the Malaysian government has very special preferential policies. When make purchases at big commercial center, travelers just need present a passport at the reception to receive a Tourist Privilege Card card. With Tourist Privilege Card card, travelers will be reduced an additional 5% plus the discount policies of shops.

Suria KLCC

Guests will surely be overwhelmed by the luxury, modern and spectacular with the gathering of the famous fashion brands in the world in big trade center Suria KLCC, located in the 6 lower floors of the twin towers Petronas. Suria KLCC concentrates most of the world's biggest brands, such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and so on. It is likely that at the time of price cuts, you can buy the dream item at a very suitable price. That's why most of those who came to this plaza would come out with several bags or more. In addition, not only does Suria KLCC have shops, but it also has restaurants, cafés, Food courts, theaters, art galleries, interior shops.

Festival of discount sales Malaysia Year End Sale has been an event which is not only the local people expect, but even the international visitors also are very eager. If you are a follower of fashion, quickly take advantage of this opportunity to satisfy his passion
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Trout fishing, festival Hwacheon Sancheoneo in Korea

For natives and tourists loving the cold, when snowflakes spread evenly a white across the country South Korea is also the moment for people and visitors excitedly waiting for the biggest event in the year intended for winter, snow festival Daegwallyeong.

Pyeongchang is located in Gangwon-do Province, is one of the places with snow and the most beautiful winter landscape in Korea. This is also the venue for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018.

Do not know since when, but the festival is held annually in the city Pyeongchang. The festival is divided into regions, a side is an exhibition area of arts made of ice as the ice tunnels, ice and but most are still models snowman Olaf for visitors discovering and taking souvenir photos.

The rest is the play areas with a series of motor sports such as skating, skiing, snow statues, sculpting in ice, playing snowmobile or experiencing of winter Olympic sports such as hockey, and so on.

That kind of freshwater-mountain trout, a specialty of Gangwon-do; they just live in areas having fresh and clean water with average temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. Because only survive in icy water, so at the warm weather, this species does not appear; they will hide themselves deep in the bottom of the river.

Time of trout fishing festival on the ice every year is into the New Year time (around January). Earlier, the festival organizers have dropped into the river more than 32 tons of salmon for participants spoiled for fishing. The winner is the person who captured the fish with the highest number.

Normally, the fishing festival area is a part of river section located quite far away from the urban, even quite deserted. The ice fall through the winter, so river's surface is frozen into a thick layer, safety for the person sitting on the ice to fishing.

The day we went to is the middle of fishing season; although the weather was cold, there were thousands of people flocked to the festival Sancheoneo Hwacheon; they brought all kinds of devides with the hope of catch the biggest salmons.

For tourists and people who do not already have prepared, there are stores supplying tools at affordable prices. They are the coachbox, fishing rod (fishing rod for fishing salmon does not like other rod types), buckets and other handy tools. And fishing manner, you just need a little technique plus luck.

If be confident, you select a spot to dig a small well on the ice despite this work is very hard because of very hard ice. Otherwise, you can choose a well that was dug. After successfully fishing, people can carry the fishes to the kitchen area of the organizers to ask the help in processing. Here regularly has grilled fish, raw fish, and so on.

Without the fish, you can also visit a food store with affordable, otherwise, you can bring lunch from home.

With some fancied "Fishman", observing the well to decide whether or not the fish come to also is a key. Then watching the wind direction, the flow; from which they have to move from this well to other wells to track the movement of fish. If accidentally caught a fish stocks, they can poked racket into icy water to catch the fish, despite this is rare.

I also go in this trip and do not get luck; I stood in cold weather outdoor but did not catch any fish, ultimately, I decided come back to tent while between heaven with cold winter winds, many people accustomed to the cold still talk, greet and exchange about experience fishing.

The organizer is seem to be big winner because this is a typical and very interesting festival; it has rare uniqueness attracting more than 1 million domestic tourists and international participating annually , you should also go once to know
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Annual Mud Festival in Boryeong, Korean

To participate in the largest mud festival of the world, millions of tourists have flocked to Boryeong located on the South of Chungcheong Province, South Korea. This is considered as one of the most popular annual festival of kimchi lands.

The Mud Festival Boryeong is taken place every year in late of July, with the number of participants up to millions of people every year; they come here to visit and participate in the festival.

Guests participate in fun activities like mud marathon, painting mud on the face even a mud bath and mud wrestling. Everyone is like taking a bath in a huge mud bath, and you have to run quickly and not to have too much mud on your face.

Inherently, it was organized to promote the uses of caring skin and beauty of the local mud, the festival has become a real craze, attracting tourists in large numbers to participate. Therefore, the government of Mud Festival Boryeong decided to turn it into an annual festival with all the activities related to the mud like mud wrestling, mud marathon, thus, this place is always crowded to foreign visitors.

Foreseeing the trend, a lot of restaurants serving traditional dishes such as sashimi, grilled scallops quickly put on their menu the West dishes such as pizza and hamburgers to serve the needs of travelers during the holiday season.

In addition, the mushrooming of many restaurants and other entertainment services has transformed Boryeong into one of the major tourist venues and attract a large number of tourists visiting each year. If you have a chance, you should also take the time to attend this festival at the end of July every year
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Songkran festival, a traditional festival in Thailand

Known as the Cathedral of the Southeast Asian tourism, this spot attracts millions of tourists to Thailand every year. Not only are tourists attracted by the ideal tourist destination, the beautiful green island, the amazing foods, but Thailand also attracts tourists by the boisterous colorful carnivals throughout the year.

Songkran festival is a traditional festival in Thailand known as the traditional ceremony than a festival; Thai people call the New Year holiday is Songkran. New Year's feast days were held on 13-15 / 4 to welcome the New Year. The word Songkran comes from Sanskrit, meaning "at the moment that the time shifts, the sun moves from the Zodiac region to region Taurus in the universe", people celebrate the birth of the Buddha by the spraying water on each other to wash away sorrow and celebrate the New Year.

In the early morning of ceremony, Thai people bring fresh flowers and worshiped food to listen the lectures in temple; they line up in order and wait for monks spray water by twig to bless and good luck to everyone. After that, they will build many stupa by sand in the temple, plug the ceremony flag and flowers to celebrate that event. Then, they go to the main street, use all of water pumps, buckets, pots, especially water gun to spray water onto each other.

Thais very worship the elephants, so in this festival elephants also participate and are watered by their owners as they had done to themselves.

According to the thinking of Thai people, the unlucky will disappear, lucky during year with those who are watered much, so everyone tries to play this fun activity. There are different skin colors and do not understand the voice of each other, but over here people seem to be more cohesive; they can express friendship, cordially warmly affection. Legend has it, water splashing festival is the best predestination of so many people, despite the distance, many expatriates come back home at this festival.

Besides the splashing water activity, during the festival, there are many parades, beauty contests are held. In addition, they also cook traditional dishes and wear colorful costumes. Songkran Festival is a typical model for traditional festivals of Thailand that help this country become a mecca of tourism and breathing space
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Loy Krathong festival in Thailand

Loy Krathong Festival, also known as the Lantern festival, it is considered as the most romantic traditional festival of the world with shimmer, fanciful of thousands of scented candles and sky lights .
Festival Loy Krathong in Thailand​

Coming to Thailand right in Songkran festival in April every year, visitors can see the Thais splashing water for praying luck while in November; they can easily catch the romantic image of the couple in the Lantern festival Loy Krathong. Lantern festival is a meaningful holiday and contains the most number of mythology factors of Thais; it is held on the night of December 15 in the Thai calendar.

The word Loy in Thai means floating, Krathong is meant small a small candle or lamp mounted on the raft made of leaves. Loy Krathong is a traditional festival having been over 700 years in history with meaning to pay homage to the god of water and pray God to forgive the actions of people in life when causing water pollution.

When the night falls is also the best moment for Loy Krathong festival to start. These young men and women, couples and their children with lanterns on hand go to Krathong together. In the middle of each Krathong is an aromatic candle, fresh flowers and colorful cloth. After lighting, everyone closes the eyes, prays peace, happiness for the family and relatives. In addition, many couples come here together; they drop the lights to pray for durable love, to become husband and wife soon. In some places, such as in Chiang Mai, this feast also includes flying the huge outdoor lights.

Someday, when you have the opportunity to visit the country of Thailand, at this time, you should stay here and participate in the festival, some supprise things will come to you
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The hotels in Bangkok with price shock for the summer

Come to Bangkok in this summer, not only don’t you just drop in the biggest shopping paradise of Southeast Asia, but you also can be enjoy the level of service at the 5-star hotel with extreme price shock. If you are waiting for a saving trip to Bangkok, this will be the occasion of “Heaven, Earth, and Human luck”. Be quick to research and contact reservation if your budget is enough to pay for this tour.

1. Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

With the holidays at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, you’ll be visiting Sri Mariamman Temple by moving in a few minutes and the hotel is also not far from Wat Pho. Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is quite near the Grand Palace and Wat Arun. From Pullman Bangkok Hotel G you can easily walk to Patpong night market and entertainment area of Silom. You also enjoy a variety of dining options at the hotel and in the nearby vicinity.

Please resting comfortably as you are at your home in one of 469 rooms with air conditioner as well as refrigerator and LCD TV. You can access the internet free wireless or wired or entertainment or iPod dock and satellite programs. Private bathroom with bathtub and bathroom has shower. Personal toiletries of brand Cobigelow are provided for guest. Room amenities include telephone, security box and the table. All the rooms at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G have glass windows from floor to ceiling for viewing the spectacular beauty of the city.​

2. AETAS Lumpini

AETAS Lumpini is located right in the heart of Bangkok city; it is very close to shopping and big entertainment areas. This is a great stop for those who are passionate about shopping and also very convenient to visit the capital of Thailand.

Hotel AETAS Lumpini with 203 rooms equipped with modern amenities and luxurious followed by 4.5 stars standard, with friendly and enthusiastic staff will bring to you the most gratifying experience.

All of the rooms are equipped with air conditioners along with a minibar and a 32-inch LCD TV; accessing wired internet or wireless in free helps visitors easily update the news. This hotel’s rooms have private bathroom with bathtub, bathroom with shower and bathroom furniture for free. Furthermore, they also have a minibar and coffee, tea making tools, and so on.​

3. The Sukosol

The Sukosol is harmoniously designed in the style of traditional Asian architecture combined with modern architecture and decorated in elegant style. The Sukosol includes 500 rooms with a full range of room types such as: Club Siam Suite, Club Deluxe, Double Deluxe Room, Deluxe Room Asian, room for family, and so on. All the rooms are fully equipped with modern facilities to satisfy the most demanding visitors.

The business motto of The Sukosol is in the context of globalization as today, the keeping their cultural identity is difficult. Thus, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of travelers and do not being “dissolved” between current globalization context, The Sukosol is constantly working to keep the Thai nature always presented in hotel, from decoration, design, food, to costumes, and so on. In addition, the hotel also exhibits many works of ancient art, ancient writing materials and a few precious artifacts
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Siam Sunray cocktail, special dish in Thailand

There are many typical cocktails in each country like Singapore Sling in Singapore, Pina Colada in Puetro Rico, qua Manhattan in New York to Mojito in La Habana, and so on. And in Thailand also has an item cannot fail to mention; it is cocktail Siam Sunray. When you have the opportunity to travel in Thailand, let's try this cocktail.

Recipe for a glass of Cocktail Siam Sunray includes: 30ml - 40ml vodka, 15ml syrup, 3 drops of fresh lemon juice, a little soda plus a little characterized taste of agriculture in Thailand: 30ml coconut milk, 1/4 cm pepper, 3 thin slices of ginger, 3 stalks of premature lemongrass, and 1 lime leaf of lemon kaffir. Same as when mixing cocktails at the request of spy 007, to the Siam Sunray is perfect, you have to shake vigorously all substances in a shaker and cannot do it by spoon.

Father of Siam Sunray is Surasak Di Pantai Song, a bartender won first prize in the bartender national competition taked place in 9/2008 in a complex space Siam Paragon in Bangkok, with the support of the TAT and Visitor Association Hotels Thailand (THA). TAT expects that Siam sunbeam would be "a brand cocktails attracting tourists at a higher level, that visitors from everywhere in the world can easy to realize because enjoying cocktails has become the global culture ".

Siam Sunray cocktails will probably start to become a cocktail preferred by foreign visitors when they come to Thailand. And just needing a small fraction out of the 14 million foreign tourists that TAT expected to attract in 2009 decision, the Siam Sunray taste will become a famous cocktail in the world.

This is a very pleasant drink and is ultra-cool in the hot summer; a glass of cocktail Siam Sunray of Thailand will smash the sultry summer heat
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The street foods cannot be ignored in Malaysia

Laksa noodles, fruit salad Rojak or bread roti canai are just some in many street foods easy to be find on the roads in Penang, Malaysia.

1 - Roti canai

Roti canai is flatbread; visitors can meet this bakery in Jalan Transfer, a culinary neighborhood of George Town. This dish is often served with curry as a breakfast. Roti canai counters usually have two chefs, one person kneads the dough, and then another person grills it in a large frying pan. Looking they cook you will think of the real drummer.

2 - Rojak

A Rojak disc includes sliced fruits and squid, fried dough mixed with sweet dark brown sauce. In fact, this is a traditional fruit salad; according to Malay, it means "daring combinations". This dish can also be found in assam laksa store.

3 -Assam laksa

Assam Laksa, for this dish, you can find in shop in Weld Quay, a fairly busy street in George Town, Penang. This is a rice noodle cooked with fish soup and tamarind. In a small bowl, they sprinkle ginger flower, chilli and chopped cucumber. This restaurant also has seats, buyers wanting to take away just need to stop the car and request.

4 - Lok lok

Padang Brown is one of the oldest centers of Penang Street concentrating many hawkers; it has existed for about 60 years. This area consists of two rows consisting of the food stalls. One of the favorite dishes here is lok lok, means embed. This dish needs a pot of hot water in the middle, surrounded by mixed vegetables, beans, seafood that were sliced and skewered to eat.

5 -Apam Balik

This is a similar type of pancake but there is something inside. Street vendors do apam balik by mixing corn directly with the egg cooked and other ingredients and then roll back the outer layer to hold the inside part. Only by a bite, you can that feel the cake is crispness outside and sticky inside. If you want to eat apom balik, you should go to Tan Jetty in Penang.

Above are a few typical snacks, if you choose Malaysia as the upcoming tourist place, you should enjoy them; there are many other snacks and we will provide you more information in the following articles to prepare yourself the best travel tips in Malaysia
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Wrap-noodle, a strange dish of Korean youth

This unique dish called Wrap-noodle, consisting of a huge cotton candy part lying above a dish of traditional hot hoisin sauce noodles. Since appearing, this dish has stirred Instagram community of young Koreans by pictures and short videos about it.

This dish is the initiative of a restaurant specializing in dishes of China and South Korea in Busan, wrap-noodle attracts customers by its strange and unique. The diners daring to try this dish are considered to be quite courageous, because no one has even think about eating candy with noodles ever. And they did not forget to shoot a clip to upload to social networking sites to show that they have tried the dish-cause of curiosity for many people.

A Korean black noodle is a kind of noodles mixed with the typical soy sauce, hoisin sauce of Korean; it is served with kimchi and kimbap. Like to kimchi, Black noodles is considered as a symbol of culinary culture. When combined with cotton candy, besides the spicy, salty taste and aromatic smell characterized by the octopus, pork, soy, and so on, diners can also feel slightly sweet taste of cotton candy interspersing somewhere forming an interesting combination could hardly description.

In essence, this is the normal black noodles. However, their chef added a thick layer of cotton candy onto the disc. According to some former chefs of this restaurant, dishes are only really famous when being detected and accidentally being shared on the network community. Its origin is the staff; his accident has made its fame. This dish is made only to challenge the taste of those working in the kitchen.
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Enjoying fermented skate and Silkworm larvae in Korea

If this is the first time to enjoy this dish, many visitors will surely feel "terrified" by the unpleasant smell, but actually fermented skate and fried silkworm larvae are the favorite foods of many South Koreans.
Fermented skate (hongeo), specialty from Korea​

Skates caught from the sea are not immediate consumption which is often frozen in the freezer, then fish smelled like urine, they will pull the fish out, slice and devour. This dish has smell listed on the list of "the most bad smell food" in the world; not only does this taste retain in the mouth, but it also leaves trace on clothes, skin.

Silkworm larvaefried with lime leaves, a favorite dish of Koreans​

Korean name of this dish is beondegi, a traditional snack of people. However, not all visitors liked it because of the "bizarre" shape and characteristic pungent smell of silkworm larvae. You may encounter this dish on many streets in Korea; people here used it as a breakfast dish to provide proteins.

To make this dish, first of all, the larva are boiled and mixed with spices. When eating, you will feel fleshy and greasy. If passing the first piece and the original ugly form, you will relized that this dish is very interesting. Beongedi will be put to the cup for customers can take away.

If having the opportunity to travel to Korea, you should enjoy some foods that we just introduced. Although it is not pleasant for smelling and easy for eating, but it's enough to make you feel missed this place, and remember those dishes that are believed toKorean specialties.
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National dishes of Thailand

Pad Thai, tom yum, curry or tea, banana, mango sticky rice is the traditional of Thailand. When travelling to Thailand, you are easy to enjoy these dishes at the restaurant or diner.

Tom yum

In Thai, tom yum means spicy sour soup with two popular flavors shrimp and chicken. Key components of this dish includes shrimp or chicken, mushrooms and spices like lemon leaves, lemon grass, galangal, lime juice, fresh chilli, tamarind, herbs ... To make fragrant and concentrated broth, indigenous peoples often add milk or coconut juice. In addition, two these ingredients also help to decrease the odor of other ingredients.

Tom yum has mild aroma, harmonious taste of tart and spicy. This dish is used as soup in a Thai meal. Over time, a number of creative chefs use different spices, seafood to create many variations, one of which is a Thai hot pot.

Pad Thai

This dish appeared around the end of 1930 in a campaign to avoid wasting rice. Initially, the Pad Thai is only sold in small shops. Currently, many great restaurants, hotels have added it to the menu as the way to promote national culinary traditions.

Ingredients include noodles, egg prices, shrimp, and onions. First, workers will sautéed noodles until they become soft then add the eggs, and the remaining material. Depending on food tastes, spices will be adjusted appropriately. When completed, this dish attracts diners through the combination of colors tawny, yellow, red. You can enjoy it with coconut juice or orange juice.

Som tam

This is a spicy salad made of shredded green papaya like to Xắp Xắp of Vietnam. Other materials include the cowpea, cucumber, mango, chilli, sugar, garlic, lemon juice, fish sauce ... After preliminary treatment, chiefs will put them into a mortar and pound. Thus, this dish has enough sour, spicy, salty pastries typical of Thailand. Thailand's visitors can feel the soft but still crunchy papaya. All of papaya slides are soaked in fresh lemon juice, pepper and covered by dried shrimp, peanuts.

The restaurants of som tam appear on many roads in Thailand. Some places sell it as snacks while other ones combine to noodles, grilled chicken or greaves creating new strange flavors.


Not only India, Thailand was also famous for curry. However, the number is only stop at 5 kinds of green, red, yellow, and massaman Penang. In particular, green and red are the two most common types. Raw materials for processing generally includes meat, eggplant, lemon, chilli, coconut milk ... This dish is characterized by fat, mild taste with suitable smell of cinnamon, anise. Guests are usually served it with rice or noodles.

Kluay buat chee

One of the dishes that you cannot to skip in this place is the Kluay buat chee. Ingredients are quite familiar including bananas, peanuts and sesame or coconut. First, workers will boil water, pour coconut milk slowly, and then drop banana slides and sugar. They always sprinkle sesame or peanut at the end to decorate. Finished product must to have mild aroma of coconut and soft sweet by banana. Because of this, the dish is loved by young children.

Khao niew Ma muang

Thailand is famous for mango sticky rice khao mamuang niaow. Major components consist of ripe mango, sticky rice and coconut milk. Thus, dish has light color and eye-catching. People here used it as a dessert or snack in afternoon.

You can either enjoy hot or cold. Cool, sweet mango, fragrant coconut milk and soft sticky are blended together. If you like, you can add more coconut milk.

If there is a time to visit and travel to Thailand, do not forget to enjoy these Thai foods. Although they do not make you enough to eat, they will make you remember a certain moment that you really want to be meet again and nostalgic about this place.
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Pearl Island Langkawi, Malaysia, the most romantic place in the world

Referring to the island paradise in Malaysian, many visitors will think about the Island Langkawi, Malaysia-the most romantic place in the world.

Langkawi is located in northern of Malaysia, far away from the center of Kuala Lumpur about 1000 km depending on the area. Besides the glamor and gorgeous beaches, Langkawi also attracts a lot of visitors by the bustling shopping areas. Especially, all the goods here are duty-free.

This island is dubbed the pearl island with nature which is sufficient convergence all the unique morphology. Langkawi is where visitors can experience the different spaces, from standing on mountain for sightseeing landscapes to discovering the mangroves and diving into the sea. The diversity of ecosystems makes a synthetic resort but still has its own distinctive characteristics.

Langkawi is known as a pearl of tourism in Malaysia. This island belongs to the state of Kedah, which borders Thailand. The small islands in the archipelago are quite well preserved, so the forest still is primeval with many rare animals.

One of the most famous beaches in Langkawi is Cenang (more than 10 km in length). Here, visitors can participate in water sports such as windsurfing attractive, scuba diving, sailing, and so on. If you do not like the sport activities, you can lounge on the white sand beach and enjoy the sunset.

Langkawi attracts visitors by clean beaches, clear blue sea, and vast blue sky in space. The weather here is quite pleasant, contributing to bring you an enjoyable stay. Here, there are many sport activities waiting for you such as scuba diving and enjoy the scenery on a sailboat.

Langkawi is coupled by two words: Lang and Kawi in Malaysian. Lang means brown eagle; Kawi is local manganese ores. The old fishermen might have seen the eagles stealing manganese rocks and hurtling into the sky so name for such islands. A statue of brown eagle stealing manganese stone located near Kuah Jetty was built to welcome visitors.

Besides the natural scenery, unique gift of Langkawi is the wild eagles. It is not coincidence that Langkawi is called "island of the eagles". You can catch this bird flying leisurely in anywhere on the island.

It is also considered the shopping paradise. The best time to go to Langkawi is from November to May, when the temperature is in medium level and the air humidity is low.

If you go out with your boyfriends, taking a diving operation is not to be missed. The special feature when diving in Langkawi is the fishes are very friendly; they do not fear the human. This characteristic is created by the good preservation with moratorium on fishing in any form.​

If you go on honeymoon with new wife, or new girlfriend, overhead bridge for pedestrians in Langkawi is also an ideal point of dating for you and her.
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Alps, the beauty little known of kimchi lands

Cherry Blossom road lasting 4 km, vast five-color forests and a stream surrounding tea hills will make travelers be surprised about Hadong.

The famous road of cherry blossom in Korea​

Located at the southernmost tip of South Korea, HaDong is dubbed the city at the foot of "the Alps of South Korea" because of the beauty as a picture of this place. Jiri-san Mountain is famous symbol of the city surrounded by dreaming river Seomjing-gang.

Hadong is also famous for the most beautiful Cherry Blossom road in Korea. Travelers want to go to Incheon International Airport will take approximately 4 hours by car to get to Hadong. To travel entire the city, you need a minimum of 3 days and 2 nights and according to those with experience, travelers can combine sightseeing Hadong and some other famous landmarks of Korea.

A terraced hill of green tea​

Hadong is also known as a capital of tea. Here, tea is planted on the undulating hills look like the terraced fields fields in Vietnam. Each year, Hadong organizes many festivals involving tea for tourists to visit and direct participating.

In 2011, Hadong is recognized by the United Nations Environment organization as one of best cities in the world by the quiet, peace and a wealth of beautiful sceneries that human can enjoy.

Seomjin-gang from a angle on the hillside​

The dreaming river Seomjin-gang is famous for oyster specialty - a nutrient-rich food. Every year, people in Hadong also have a competition of catching oysters famous around the country. If you have the opportunity, don not forget to enjoy this famous oysters once, wish you have an interesting and fun tour to Korean.
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Jeju Island, Paradise in the heart of South Korea

Located in the heart of Jeju is mountain Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea and is a volcano being no longer active. This mountain is at 1.950m above sea level, surrounded by 360 satellite volcanoes.

Jeju Island (also known as Jejudo) is Korea's largest island and is also the smallest province of this country. The island has a surface area 1.846km2. Due located 130km from the mainland, the island of Jeju influenced by oceanic air masses: the cool summer, warm winter. The highest temperature during the summer months does not exceed 33 ° C, and not less than 10 ° C in winter.

Because of formed from volcanic eruptions, everywhere on the island are rocky. Rock on Jeju Island has a black, porous, and absorption of water. Stones are scattered all over the road, especially around the tangerine gardens, specialty of Jeju. Residents also use stones to build their houses, gates and fences, to build landmark for demarcating of this village and other villages.

Previously, Jeju Island is the poorest region in Korea because of separated from the mainland, not having much arable land. Plants here are just orange, tangerine, persimmon. At Feudal time, this is the land of exile of criminals.

However, since the cult drama "the winter's love song", Jeju Island is known as a new tourist destination full of fun. Through film, Jeju Island is appeared glitter but also full of wild. Because of this, every year, Jeju Island has attracted millions of tourists from many countries around the world.

Contrary to bustling Seoul where is crowded of people and vehicles, buildings closely, Jeju is quiet and peaceful, deserving the title of "island of peace". For Koreans, the beautiful island of Jeju with a peaceful scenery, sunny coastline and wind is the ideal place for honeymoon of couples, newlyweds or the period helping families being more mounted.

If you plan to visit Jeju, let's come in October to be watching the red maple tree, the temperate forests on the island of Jeju yellowing. Coming to Jeju, you will be introduced to visit Jeju Folklore Village, the main location shooting the famous drama "Dae Jang Geung".

Jeju has the rather strange and unique type in tourism. A short road of about 100 meters also becomes tourist attractions. Koreans named it "The Ghost Road". by the naked eye, we saw that the car is running uphill but the reality is it come downhill.

If you like the thrill, we can take the submarine to the bottom. When the ship goes down, in the cabin has a column informing the distance from the water surface: 15, 20, 25, 30 m. Looking through the glass lying on the broadside, colored lights of ship illuminate each reef; a diver swims around the ship to feeding fish making up the shimmering for scenery under the sea with many garish colors .
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Pak Klong Talad the biggest flower market in Bangkok

Pak Klong Talad the biggest flower market in Bangkok takes place during the day and is most lively at time interval from 3am to 5am. Pak Klong Talad was rated as one of the most exciting places in Bangkok.

Unlike the noisy and boisterous night markets sell food or souvenirs, Pak Klong Talad Market is a special market providing fresh flowers, giving a feeling of relaxation in Bangkok. In here you can find lots of pretty small potted flowers as popular flower as roses, lapis, orchids, lilies are cleverly combined into the soft wreath or picky bouquet beautifully. Each bouquet consists of 50 to 100 flowers, sold for extremely cheap price.

Bangkok Flower market is located on Chak Phet Road near Saphan Phut or the Memorial Bridge. Shops and vendors mainly are two to three-floors houses that next to each other on both sides of the main road will inevitably bring to you an unforgettable experience in one day.

Flowers in here are diversified but the most common are orchids, daisies, pink ... All of them have a mild fragrance. So when walking, visitors can feel the faint fragrance. Typically, the store owners will sell flowers by weight or package. However, visitors can still find retail stores.

Opening 24 hours, Pak Klong Talad is most lively after midnight. If you want to see the market in full action, though, the best time to go is pre-dawn or at 3am-5am. Open 24 hours, Pak Klong Talad is most lively after midnight. If you want to see the market in full action, though, the best time to go is pre-dawn or at 3am-5am. Wholesalers bring in truckloads of freshly cut flowers, while traders and retailers come to buy their stock in bulk.

Especially, in this market, flower is also sold by weight, mostly to make the wreaths of daisies for decoration or worship. The flowers are specifically listed price.

Many Pak Klong Talad shops provide services for flower bouquets, wreaths, and flowers for weddings or other special occasions. In addition to flowers, there are markets where you find all kinds of vegetables, trees and betel leaves. Some stores offer attached accessories such as candles, wrapping paper...

Named as the biggest flower market in Bangkok, Pak Klong Talad is really a destination not to be missed for those who love flowers and ornamental plants.
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Krabi Island, paradise neglected in Thailand tourist destinations

Paradise neglected Krabi Island where beaches are peaceful, not too crowded and natural is becoming the new target of many tourists. It has forgotten for a long time and has not been explored.

Krabi Island, neglected paradise​

Krabi is not shopping paradise as Bangkok, not noisy as Pattaya and not splendid as Phuket. Although it is peaceful and tranquil, this place is also interactive with all the “under the sun” funs.

Located on the west coast of the peninsula in southern of Thailand, Krabi has sunny beaches, fine sand, clear blue water and the offshore island of loose rock. Mangroves and tropical greenery, rivers and hot springs make visitors are always "busy" during the trip in Krabi.

Krabi has 2 famous locations: Krabi Town and Ao Nang. Visitors usually concentrate more in Ao Nang because it is near to the sea, suitable for traveling.

A viewing angle, where Fishermen’s boats berth​

Around the center of Krabi are special limestone mountains along the coast like a magnet attracting a lot of climbers all around the world coming to try. The main point of climbing Ton Sai, Railay and Phra Nang have the steep limestone giving cannot better viewing angle toward the Andaman Sea offshore.

Time in this place seems to flow in a different rhythm of outside life; it is slow and peaceful. Krabi beach carries speciality of the tropics with long white sand, sparkling waves shove slightly the shore under the sun. Many natural islands are located around Krabi; either saying romance or saying mystery inviting to explore are not exaggerating.

To reach beach paradise Krabi, you will go to Bangkok before. If you try to hunt, the cheap airlines like Air Asia often have cheap tickets to Bangkok landing at Don Mueang International Airport. From here, you can move easily to Krabi by various means, but the most convenient is still forwarding plane of Air Asia.

This is a quiet place that is suitable for those who want to find a gentle seaside city with long coastline for walking in brilliant sunset, having islands with white sandy beaches, blue water, the diving area that full of fishes as well as the shops having all kinds of snacks to linger.

Go to Krabi, you need to stay at least 2 full days to go, one day for the island, another one for renting a motorbike to run around from Ao Nang to Krabi Town and the surrounding scenic areas, photographing or shopping at outlet.

Krabi is not expensive compared to Phuket or Samui, prices in restaurants, roadside eateries are quite pleasant and there are many dishes for guests to choose such as traditional Thai, Western and seafood dishes, and so on.

Sitting on the boat or canoe glide, breathing the fresh air of Krabi will be an experience that you never forget when coming here. The best time for going to Krabi is from mid-November to April of the following year, this is the ideal time you should come and visit this new resort has been discovered and completed.
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Damnoen Saduak, the oldest floated market in Thailand

The oldest floated market in Thailand Damnoen Saduak will be the first place where you need to visit to discovery unique features in culture of the local people.

Damnoen Saduak, the oldest floated market in Thailand​

Not only are there busy super markets, evening markets without nothing of goods, but “shopping paradise” Bangkok also famous for floated markets, in which, the Damnoen Saduak is the most impressive one.

Damnoen Saduak do not hold on river; it opens up on interlacing canals belonging to the same district, province Ratchaburi that far away from Bangkok 105 km to the Southwest. This market is famous for bustling and goods’ diversity. It is a tourist attraction and is place where visitors can buy souvenirs as well as discover the beauty of Thailand people living on the canals by clearest way.

Floating market Damnoen Saduak is located along the canals with the width in about 10m flowing into the river. Buyers, sellers moved by rowing slowly the boats, these boats are filled with products such as spices, fruits, vegetables, meat, and so on. Attracting the most attention are the old people owning wrinkles on their face and wearing a traditional hat made of palm leaves.

The first priority of the floating market Damnoen Saduak is serving tourists, the trading of people mainly takes place from 6 a.m with agricultural products and daily essential items, sold price was inexpensive compared to some parts of the world. About 8 hours is the time for booth to serve tourists to visit.

The visitors siting on the boat for traveling​

For those who love the country and people of Thailand, they all understand the cuisine plays a very important role in Thai culture. During the trip, you will see a lot of portable shops here from fresh fruit baskets, traditional dishes such as som tam, pad thai, grilled chicken to other delicious dishes as an ice cream of Western.

These small and elongated boats that are full of goods and tourists' boats travel reverse sweep causing congestion. One can buy all sorts of goods from a boat and on the shore only by a stick transferring the money and purchased goods for guests. Rowers deftly control the boats to dodge each other quickly. Although the acreage is very narrow, the trade in the market is extremely vibrant and bustling.

Floating Market Damnoen Saduak attracts very crowded foreigners coming to learn and enjoy a few rounds through the floating villages along the river. When the boat leave small canals behind to enter into the major rivers and weaves to lovely riverine villages, the landscape appears peacefully.

The canal created the floating market Damnoen Saduak was formed in 1866 at the request of the king in order to facilitate the movement to here. Floating market began in 1967 and up to now, this place is always full of tourists from around the world. You can sit in a boat or walk along the river to watch the bustle in the river, depending on your preference. If you are intending to travel to Thailand, this place is an extremely ideal where you started yourself a round of experience./
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Experience of enjoying the cheap cuisine in Singapore

Cheap does not mean inferior product quality, in the list of 10 countries which handbook of travel Lonely Planet voted for the most rewarding places to visit in 2015, the small country Singapore is ranked first.

Tips for cheap eating when traveling in Singapore

In recent years, the world's travelers visiting to Singapore is increasing. Besides the number of visitors following the tour groups, there are no few of self-designed trips with cost-saving.

The Lion island nation will celebrate the 50th National Day this year; this is the main reason for Lonely Planet ranked Singapore at the highest grade. Besides that, there are the architectural heritage is protected and preserved strictly with monumental and spectacular architecture newly built, the shopping center full of charm for tourists, the clean and green environment, and so on.

About food, Singapore has food and beverage centers in everywhere with all sorts of menus from east to west; they are very convenient and served very attentive visitors. Thanks to this the culinary center, Travelfish claim: you can eat three meals a day with only about 10 Singapore dollars (S $) equivalent to USD 8, a real pleasant expenditure in a country still is considered quite expensive.

Three meals with cheap price

People often say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you just start a new day with a Singapore breakfast style that is full of calories, including a kaya bread (toast with plant margarine and jam made from coconut) and a cup of kopi (coffee mixed with milk).

Toasted bread kaya and a cup of kopi, a light breakfast

This quality breakfast is only about 2.5 S $ and are sold in almost all food centers or about S $ 3 in the cafe stores of Killiney Kopitiam, a brand which is familiar to natives.

If you love to light snacks in breakfast, just a cup of kopi or a cup of tea and a cake or a small dumpling costing about S $ 0.5-1.

After the morning outing, you can choose any food center to have lunch with dozens of choices but also have horizontal price with breakfast. The "chophouses" (Economic rice) sell rice dishes with cheap price as their names: 2-2.5 S $ for a rice section with meat or with vegetables (for vegetarians). Or you can choose the Chinese rice section with meat and sweet and sour sauce, tofu and fried vegetables.

Also very popular is the chicken rice; it is considered as the traditional dishes of Singapore. You can find the stores selling chicken rice - boiled chicken or grilled chicken - only 3 S $ to had a disk attached a cup of hot broth.

A traditional chicken rice dish is only about 23 $​ 

This chicken rice is more delicious when eaten with chili garlic sauce. If you enjoy roast pork, there is Guangdong roast pork rice dish with similar price.

When carefully calculating the expenses for the trip, you still have about 4, 5 S $ for dinner. Whether this meager amount does not allow you to enjoy the local specialties such as crab chilli sauce or crab pepper sauce, but still help you feel full with a bowl of laksa or a plate of char kwayteow, also the traditional cuisine of Singaporean.

Laksa dish of Singapore with delicious flavor of broth

Laksa is pasta or noodles cooked with fish, shrimp and coconut milk, and char kway teow is pasta or noodles fried with shrimp, scallops, sausage.

If you go with your team, you can "co-operate" to eat a meal including satay (skewered meat served with peanut sauce), carrot cake with style of Singapore (in fact, the bread is made from wheat or rice flour mixed beets and eggs, colored like carrots) and fusion food Rojak (vegetables, fruits, tofu, price, and so on).

Amount of $ 10 of course does not allow you to drink alcohol or beer, because even in the culinary centers, where beer is sold at the most affordable prices, a bottle of Tiger beer cost nearly three above meals.

In Singapore, water gotten from public taps also is drinkable; you only costs about S $ 1.2 for the first mineral water bottle, and then comfortably get water to drink for all day long of visiting
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Vehicle rental service while traveling in Bangkok Thailand

You want to drive yourself to explore every nooks and crannies of Bangkok; you want to experience the feeling of freedom and comfort here. Tips Of Travel will provide some useful information for you if you want to rent the car in Bangkok Thailand.

If you feel not convenient to travel by public transport means in Bangkok, you want to have your own car to go anywhere you like. This time, the car rental service in Bangkok is the top choice. There are many units providing car hire services at good prices, creating favorable conditions for your trip.

Renting car in Bangkok means that you can travel to anywhere in anytime that you want. By this way you can experience the freedom with the discovery in your own.

Automobile is the most popular for tourists. This service is provided all in one from 4-45 by many units that can assist travelers from airport to the time you come back. Besides the hiring a private car, you can choose renting guide or an interpreter fluent in two languages, English and Thai to meet the requirements of travelers.

Hiring a taxi is also the choice of many travelers wanting to use car hiring services in Bangkok. For service providers, most of their offices are located in major cities and can be booked through their website. You should pay attention to check the tread and general maintenance of the vehicle before committing.

Motorcycles are the suitable vehicles for exploring the city. If renting a motorcycle in Bangkok you should negotiate the price clearly before starting. Renting a motorcycle in Bangkok is relatively easy and is a great way to independently travel to the rural areas, especially in northern Thailand, and on the south beach.

When renting a car in Bangkok, most companies will require you to leave your passport as a deposit. Before hiring, remember to check vehicles with normal activities and remember to wear helmets.

Many tourists were injured when choosing motorcycles in Bangkok because they do not know how to drive the mean and are not familiar with the rules and road conditions. Make sure you have adequate health insurance and driving in reasonable way to avoid damage to yourself and the means.

In addition, you can also hire other vehicles such as bicycles, private taxi or a few vehicle categories being suitable to your favorite. Of course, for foreign tourists and Bangkok is their favorite place, the renting car is no longer a difficult thing
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Friday, February 12, 2016


Chao Wang signature dish of Thailand

If you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand, do not should ignore the typical dishes of the Thai people, Thai cuisine has a very unique that nowhere in the world can be.

The majority of Thai food always brings unique colors of the nation. It reflects the lifestyle, thinking, thinking, as well as Thai. From prehistoric times, in Thailand has a lot of plants, colorful flower color. This contributes to the diversity and richness of the cuisine of the people here. Chao Wang popular food both great taste and decor appealing. Initially, this dish is made only to serve in the palace or in important festivals. Wang Chao dishes are more delicate than other popular dishes prepared daily on fussy, really careful in the selection of materials and in the processing.

One of the unique dishes that I need to mention that the dish Som Tum Chao Wang. Raw materials processing special dishes including bean cakes, vermicelli or noodles, fresh papaya and some other essential spices. Particularly vermicelli or noodles cooked in a special way to still feel eating sorghum or wheat fibers retain crispness rather puffy and chewy as the normal processing. And the residual bone in meat (including seafood) are used in food processing. First, they are removed from the fiber, which is then sliced into pieces evenly. When soup featured Sam Kasat, meat is usually marinated with Chinese dried flowers before processing.

For dessert in Thailand, the preparation is also quite feats, such as fresh meats Sod Sai Chao Wang. First, the meat is cut into small pieces to taste, then the meat would then be used fresh banana leaf wrapped, then placed in bamboo and steamed until the meat is cooked to medium. The taste of the dish requires sweet and attractive, not too hot, too pale or less sweet. In addition, the table also shows the kind of fresh fruit for dessert. They are usually available whittle shell, remove all particles before being used.

Sometimes we also use a sharp knife to separate the apples seeded in order not to break the fruit sweet. A more basic characteristics of Wang Chao cuisine is the food presentation. How messy this depends on the dish that is stir-fries, salad, or fries with curry. There are also special sauces to suit each dish ... Previously, the royal chefs usually prepare different dishes and estimates see every day are what the food processing, which can calculate the prices for the raw materials needed. This habit has remained until today.

Besides showcasing the flavors and dishes that can tickle the taste buds of diners, the nutritional value is also an important factor in Wang Chao dishes. Each dish Chao Wang always provide a full range of nutrients necessary for the user. Raw materials used for food processing also includes the popular herb used to treat diseases such as root lemon, lime-religious Committee, mint leaves in fried foods, or spicy soup ...

If you have to travel to Thailand, then make sure to taste the unique Wang Chao are light, food not only adds value but also culinary cuisine culture characterized.
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Thursday, February 11, 2016


The cheap hotels in Singapore

Through practical experience, I would like to introduce to you a list of hotels in Singapore with good price but still are favorable for visitors go to the shopping district and popular entertainment in Lion Island.

1. Hotel Link Singapore, 4 stars

This property has quite large scale, but not near the sights in center of Singapore. In return, just walking about 10 minutes, you can go to one of two subway stations (MRT); from here you can move around Singapore with ease. Link hotel's rooms are impressed with the area to 30m2. And because of lying far away from center, Link Hotel owns a great advantage, quiet and very safe. The room's price fluctuates around 150 USD / night

2. Victoria Hotel Singapore, 3 stars

Victoria Hotel Singapore is located away from Bugis area, national libraries and shopping center Raffels about 5 minutes of walking and 20 minutes going to Changi International Airport. The hotel has 89 luxurious and modern rooms combined with warm colors and amenities such as tea / coffee making facilities, satellite TV, and so on. Price ranges $ 100 / night.

3. The Inn At Temple Street, 3 stars

The hotel is very close to the temple Buddhist's Tooth, the largest temple in Singapore and all the rooms are equiped with elevators and air conditioning. From here you can also sightseeing around Chinatown, enjoy Chinese cuisine. Hotel's space is quite small but decorated nice, giving visitors the comfort. The price is $ 100 / room / night.
 4. Fragrance Hotel Riverside, 3 stars

From here to Chinatown is only a 5 minute walking, to Orchard is about 10 minutes by taxi. The hotel has a nice view, the scale 101 with a quite spacious pool. Price is about $ 125 / room / night.

5. Hotel Value Thomson Singapore, 3 stars

In the system of hotel Value in Singapore, Value Hotel Thomson is most appreciated. The hotel has large rooms with a complimentary breakfast. Value Hotel Thomson is not near to Bugis, but you can go there easily by bus No. 14. Price ranges $ 80 / room / night

There's also a lot of mid-range hotels around 2 stars or more have very good prices and are cool and clean; you can research more hotels in Singapore for yourself if you intend for a long trip
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