Sunday, February 28, 2016


Wrap-noodle, a strange dish of Korean youth

This unique dish called Wrap-noodle, consisting of a huge cotton candy part lying above a dish of traditional hot hoisin sauce noodles. Since appearing, this dish has stirred Instagram community of young Koreans by pictures and short videos about it.

This dish is the initiative of a restaurant specializing in dishes of China and South Korea in Busan, wrap-noodle attracts customers by its strange and unique. The diners daring to try this dish are considered to be quite courageous, because no one has even think about eating candy with noodles ever. And they did not forget to shoot a clip to upload to social networking sites to show that they have tried the dish-cause of curiosity for many people.

A Korean black noodle is a kind of noodles mixed with the typical soy sauce, hoisin sauce of Korean; it is served with kimchi and kimbap. Like to kimchi, Black noodles is considered as a symbol of culinary culture. When combined with cotton candy, besides the spicy, salty taste and aromatic smell characterized by the octopus, pork, soy, and so on, diners can also feel slightly sweet taste of cotton candy interspersing somewhere forming an interesting combination could hardly description.

In essence, this is the normal black noodles. However, their chef added a thick layer of cotton candy onto the disc. According to some former chefs of this restaurant, dishes are only really famous when being detected and accidentally being shared on the network community. Its origin is the staff; his accident has made its fame. This dish is made only to challenge the taste of those working in the kitchen.