Thursday, November 17, 2016


Bokor Mountain, the mysterious paradise in Cambodia

Strolling on Bokor Mountain in Cambodia with white clouds cover, help people find the deepest corners of the soul and temporarily forget the distemper and sorrow in life.

Bokor Mountain is located on the territory of Kampot province, Cambodia. National Park on mountain was established by King Norodom Sihanouk in 1993; it is the eco-tourism destination, the most attractive place for exploring nature of this country.

In 1917, because too loved the romantic deserted landscape and the cool air of Bokor, the French nobility has built a resort here to return after days of hard work and stress in Phnom Penh. Currently, these buildings still exist in a state of perfect tact on the top of Bokor Mountain creating an attractive cultural tourism location.

Besides, a Thansur Bokor Highland Resort is built with the most advanced techniques will also give guests a wonderful holiday at the sacred mountain with picturesque scenery, a serene and wonderful beauty.

Besides the French nobility, the king of Cambodia Monivong also could not resist the mysterious allure of Bokor. He regularly spent time returning to his resort here to meditate front Bokor in the sunset. The beauty vibrating heart of Bokor is also used as scenery in the Hollywood film "City of Ghost" (2002) and the R-point (2004).

From the perspective of spiritual, Bokor is the destination of masters in religious to practice and attain enlightenment. They are Buddha Master Xi'an, Buddha Master Huang, senior monks from Mount statue and others. The mountain also owns the mysterious legends behind its existence.

It was said that, this place used to be a vast ocean, and through many geological changes to form the current Bokor Mountain. The rocks with bizarre shapes scattered on the mountain, Five Boats pagoda and pagoda 500 Buddhas were and are being a holy place for pilgrimages.

Visiting here, visitors will be heard about the love story of the princess Nagani and the prince Preah Thong, Khmer ancestors and the mystery behind five stones resembling as five boats. Yeay Mao statue, the sacred character in Khmer beliefs was built at the middle of the mountain creating sacred destination for both natives and tourists.

This place has a cool and pleasant climate; it's so great if you have a few days camping here try feeling of meditating at early morning or watching the sunset atop Mount Bokor./