Thursday, November 17, 2016


Bikini Festivals in China when summer comes

Thousands of young girls in colorful bikinis welcomes the summer together at Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou City of China in every summer.

Bikini Festivals is held as an annual event in Chimelong Park Water, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province of China to welcome eventful summer. There are so many young girls from both domestic and foreign come to show off slim figure together in colorful bikinis.

The bikini event welcoming the summer is organized in large-scale and attracts the participation of many young. They stand in the long connected together lines in this festival looked very interesting.

In the summer, when visiting China, the coasts in some places are always the places happening bikini festivals in small scale, and some programs for families of foreigners to visit. Their purpose is encouraging tourists to come to them more in the future.

These young girls are having fun at the sea​

This festival do not distinguish the age of attendees, everyone is entitled to participate in this festival if they feel confident about their bodies. However, most the participating girls of the bikini festival are aged from 14 to 27.

Bikini-Summer-Festival.jpg They show together on an artificial beach​

They usually come in a group and play together; after the festival ending, they take photography as a souvenir and get acquainted with girls from other countries.