Thursday, November 17, 2016


Take a tour and learn about the Holi festival in India

Held on the full moon day of Phalgun month in the Hindu calendar, Holi festival is also called festival of colors, one of the important festivals of India, as well as many countries having Hindu community. This year, the color festival was held on 23.03.2016 with many interesting activities. Let's go with Travel Tips - to look the photographs filled with the colors of the Indian people.

Holi festival is celebrated on the full moon in March every year. However, the festival is also held a day earlier in a number of Eastern regions of Indian, such as West Bengal. This colorful festival is held in almost everywhere of India. The festival is largest organized in Mathura, far from Delhi about 4 hours.

It marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring with hope for a good harvest. This festival also celebrates the victory of good over evil. In addition, it carries many characteristic cultural beliefs in this country.

Festival participants throw colored powder on each other​

The days before the festival, the people began to gather wood and other combustible materials for campfires in parks, community centers, areas near temples and other open spaces. On the pyre is an effigy symbolizing Holika, who cheated Prahalad onto fire. In the house, the woman prepared to cook typical dishes of the holiday as gujiya, mathri, malpuas, as well as many other delicious dishes for festive occasion.

On the eve of the festival, usually in time or after the sun sets, everyone gathered together and set fire to the pyre. This ritual is known as Holika Dahan. Ritual symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Everyone sings and dances happily around the fire.

Traditionally, these colors are blended from natural plants, so can be easily cleaned as saffron, sandalwood and rose. People downs to the streets together to participate in this exciting game. Till the end of the morning, everyone looks like a colorful painting. And this is why the festival Holi is also known as the "Festival of Colors".

Holi festival officially begins in the next morning and people play with colors. Everyone holds dry powder or the balls containing the dye solution to throw and spray on others.

People concentrates in groups, sing and dance in the drums and dholak. Just at each time "war with colors" is suspended, people eat together the dishes gujiya, mathri, malpuas and many other traditional dishes. Bhang, a beverage made from local herbs is also an integral part of the Holi festival.

After a day of playing with color, people take a bath and wear new clothes to welcome friends and relatives coming to visit. Holi is a festival of forgiveness and starting a new beginning, with the aim of creating harmony in society, leaving behind all the hatred./