Thursday, November 17, 2016


Discovering 6 beautiful places when traveling Philippines

With beautiful destinations that we introduced below, you are sure to startle wondering why you have not traveled the Philippines.

Puerto Princesa Underground River
Ranking second in the world in length, Puerto Princesa Underground River is located on the northern coast of the Palawan Island, Philippines. Underground river system flowed 8km making Puerto Princesa become one of the beautiful tourist destinations.

Puerto Princesa with many hotels, luxury resort is also a paradise for boating tourists prefer to visit, because your journey will need a boat to go into the cave.

Palawan residents boast that the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a wonderful gift God gave to the Philippines and humanity. Puerto Princesa is one of the few underground rivers in the world where the public can admire. Take a Puerto Princesa Underground River around, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the arches, columns, rocks, stalactites and stalagmites…

Here is paradise for tourists prefer boating tour. When boating on this river, visitors will have the opportunity to admire some sculptures formed by nature.

 Visitors boating Puerto Princesa Underground River tour​

The ancient city of Vigan
Vigan is a town in the Ilocos Sur province of Philippines. The Vigan town is a world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO, because this is the Spanish colonial city still the most intact today in Asia.

The ancient city Vigan is one of attractive destinations for many foreign tourists coming to the Philippines because not only brought many beautiful architectural features, but also a place to visit and rest. Small roads winding cobbled, the tilted roofs with unique architectural style of the Baroque and the lives of indigenous people ... all created a separate cultural identity only in Vigan.

The scene of devastation and the chariot is mainly transportation in the ancient city of Vigan​

Maria Cristina Falls
Located in the province Lanao del Sur, Maria Cristina waterfall is the second high waterfall in Philippines and sometimes called the twin waterfall because there is a rocky peak protruding outwards splitting the waterfall. It is famous with tourists because of the seductive majestic natural beauty.
You will feel more relaxed mind after visiting this waterfall. Add one more thing that some people do not know is that 70% of the electrical system of the surrounding area is created from water of Maria Cristina waterfalls.

Source of blue water and cool entrance are endowed by nature​

Lake Pinatubo
Nn 1991 the Pinatubo volcano awoke after sleeping for hundreds years in the gentle and friendly guise. During the gradually cooling process of volcanoes, Lake Pinatubo was formed.

The lake is located in the Pinatubo crater located in the province of Zambales, Northwest of Philippines. Currently, it is a very popular tourist destination in this thousand island country. It has become the # 1 choice for those who love to explore, want to "escape" from the crowded and stuffy of the capital Manila in weekends.

Lake Pinatubo is a peaceful place for you after hard working days​

Chocolate Hill
Chocolate Hill in Bohol Well, Chocolate Hill is one of the surprise marvels of creation. With over 1,000 undulating conical hills spread over an area of 50 km², this scene really is the perfect shape making the guests think of a huge chocolate feast. Although scientists have explained that the chocolate hills is the result of major changes in geology from a big coral reef but visitors are still cannot avoid being surprised and impressed by this wonderful natural work.

With distinctive features depending on season, on the hill Socola, there are not many living plants, but at its foot always has a natural jungle. Maybe the geological change carried away viability of many species on this hill.

Chocolate Hill with hills not having many trees​

Palawan Island
Palawan Island is dubbed "the End of the World", because when arriving here, you seem to forget all troubles, separates from the suffocating city with high-rise and drop yourself back to nature.

The stunning limestone cliffs scattered on the island creating for Palawan Island a unique beauty. In space of the blue sea, undulating mountains and green forests untouched, you will be visited the peaceful fishing village where the locals are friendly to tourists and creating opportunities for them to soak up the culture of the island.

The night stars decorates for Palawan island where is known as the end of the world​

With its peaceful setting and romantic, besides that, there is the serene blue water and flat sandbanks will be the place for you to participate in activities such as camping or recreational sports activities. You should go to these places once and release the soul into the wind to feel the relaxing after a hard working day.