Thursday, November 17, 2016


The best chicken rice you should try while traveling in Singapore

Hainanese chicken rice was dubbed "the best chicken" at Lion Island and it is worthwhile for visitors to pass thousands of kilometers coming to Singapore to enjoy.

Hainanese chicken rice is one of the traditional dishes of Singapore. This dish is simple but attractive over the years. The boiled chicken for doing this meal must be kind having thin greasy fat layer in between the meat and the skin layer, used with chili fish sauce, served with fragrant rice cooked by chicken broth. The chicken piece is solf like melted in your mouth; sweet gravy stimulating all the senses.

When Hainanese people migrated to Singapore in mid-19th century, they only served the British colonial or assisted in the cafeteria. Hainanese often serves chicken rice for landlord. They think that the simple boiled chicken will satisfy every different taste. Chicken rice story began to change when the Japanese to the occupation in World War 2. The British was forced to leave Singapore and Hainanese people lost their jobs. At that time, the first chicken rice restaurant was born to make a living.

Hainan chicken rice with famous quality taste worldwide​

According to the sharing of Mrs. Foo, the Tian Tian padrone, chicken is boiled for about an hour and then soaked in ice water. This formula will help to keep the flavor and the beautiful skin of chicken. After soaked in the cold water for about 30 minutes, the chicken was hung until dry in the next 30 minutes before sliced to present on the rice.

The chicken broth is taken to blowing rice, making soup and adding to chili sauce. The remaining chicken fat is mixed with sesame oil to sweep on chicken before serving diners. The total completion time chicken rice is about 2 hours. However, traditional secret deciding nicely flavor of chicken cannot be disclosed.

From first glance, chicken rice here is not much different from the version in the restaurant Tian Tian, except be placed in the expensive plating bowl.

The most important part of the dish is not chicken, that is cooked rice. The rice must be fragrant, padrone of Chatterbox shared. With citronella, ginger, garlic and pineapple leaf, the rice is delicious to the extent separately eating is also delicious. Chicken rice at Chatterbox is delicious and has enough tastes as in Tian Tian. However, with four times more expensive price, you will get larger rice section, luxury dining room and chicken meat from Malaysia. Chicken meat is softer and more delicious.

In the past, people often use old hens no more laying eggs to do chicken rice. Therefore, to ensure the most possible tasty flavor, they use water in both rice and soup. As much as possible, Chatterbox restaurant owner told the origin Hainanese chicken rice. Chicken rice is nutritious and saving dish.

One of the first chicken rice restaurants at that time is Yet Con (25 Purvis Street), emerged from the 1940s. Currently, it is still at the old address and serves traditional chicken rice. Chicken rice here has not sauce of sesame oil on the surface.

In the period from late 1970s to early 1980s, the chicken rice began to have sesame oil sauce to raise attraction. But in the Yet Con restaurant, chicken rice still remains version 1949. A big difference in the chicken of Yet Con is that chicken is dry naturally without freezer, chicken meat is drier than chicken in new style