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Travel Tips when visiting the island Bali in Indonesia

Bali is an Indonesian island. Bali Island is also the largest tourist destination in Indonesia and renowned for highly developed art including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metallurgy and music of Bali.

Indonesia is known for romantic islands, shimmering beaches in tropical yellow sunshine, the grandiose old architecture. We will have the opportunity to visit the Bali island with clear blue beaches, the town Ubud, one of the main centers of art and culture of Bali with the temples and sculpture art; welcome the dawn atop Penanjakan and watch the volcano Bromo & Semeru, the city Yogyakarta with Temple worshiping Buddhist-Borobudur and finish the trip in the capital Jakarta with Monas tower & mosques.

How to buy a plane ticket

To get a cheap airline ticket before you should book since 3-4 months before, the total cost for 4 flights is about 3 millions. If you go in crowded group, should note the following:

For example, you see fares for 1 person only 30 dollars, but when ordering tickets for 4 people, the price has raised 40 USD; it is because the airline does not have enough 4 airfares $ 30. In this case, you should split, buy a ticket for each one, or just buy for 2 people each time, so you can have two $ 30 tickets and 2 tickets $ 40.

You should purchase the seats on the plane. If you go in crowded group, they will choose seats for you where the group is able to sit together; so the ability that you were pushed down to the last row is very high. The rows from 8 to about 22, 23 when looking out will be blocked the view by the airplane wing, if you want to admire the landscape you should note this thing to buy a good seat.

How to place hotels in Bali

In Bali, there are two areas you should stay, the first is Kuta, and the second is Ubud. The hotel located in the alley has cheaper price than the hotels located beside the road.

You should stay 2 nights at Hotels Ubud and 2 nights at Kuta hotel. Staying at Ubud to ride up north for near, staying at Kuta on the last days to go to the airport for close. Jati Home Stay hotel costs about $ 10 / person / night, the bamboo room has a fan, private toilet, can overlooking the rice fields behind the house, and the price included breakfast. Rooms are generally quite nice, hotelier Dewa is very enthusiastic, and price of renting car here is also cheap.

In Kuta, you do not need a reserving the room before, down to where, you notice that the hotel located in the alley has the price that is much cheaper than hotels located off the pavement, the price is only $ 5 per person. But for that price, you would only be rent a room not too comfortable and beautiful, just enough to serve the basic needs.

Preparing the schedule

The main visiting destinations in Bali: Swimming Beratan, Kintamani volcano, Batubulan Village, Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Kuta, Sanur Beach.

You take the time to sit and read a few tours to Bali on Travel Tips will realize several key points that any tour also has. Then access on Google, view the images of these places, select your favorite places to go, see the map of Bali and sketch the schedule. The summary schedule is 1 day to go north and go south within two days.

North: Lake Bratan has terraced fields. Here also has volcano Kintamani, one of the sights that you should not ignore. It annually attracts a large amount of tourists coming to enjoy.

The ancient and famous temples in Indonesia​

South: Here has 2 quite nice temples: Tanah Lot and Uluwatu. You should go to these two locations on two days and go at dusk to watch the sunset. Coming to Uluwatu, you should take dinner before, or buy something to eat because there are many interesting programs here, if being watching and must to run back for eating is a pity. Remaining time is to go swimming and visit other small points.

Preparing the luggage

You should prepare mostly food. Bring the cake that can be stored for long time because sometimes you cannot get a restaurant immediately, there are these things to eat is very convenient. Buy several large bottles of water and put in the suitcase, if having no water, you can add water at the hotel. Who carefully then carry noodles, fish sauce (Bali does not have it), you remember to bring USD or master card.

Let's go

Process of flights:

You can access on the website of Air Asia or the company that you buy a ticket to check in online, so no need to queue.

Another thing is that when came to Bali, set aside 180,000 Rubiah (pre-Indo) to pay for the service at the airport, Denpasar, Bali (30,000 Rubiah), airport taxes in Jakarta (150,000 Rubiah). Do not think that you are going come back and then try to spent all the Indo money, you must pay for many things, and if you pay everything by US dollars, it will be many times more expensive.


Indo food in general is also able to eat, usually form of pouring the sauce into the food, either very sweet or very salty, so when calling dish, you should command restaurant for separate the sauce. The eatable dishes include: fried rice, fried noodles, crispy chicken, pancakes (banana, mango ...), one more eatable dish that any restaurant has is the slanting meat.

Pricing in Indonesia is much cheaper than that in other countries in the world but you have to take the time to look. You should not go to the luxury restaurants, the food is not surely delicious, but the price is surely high. You should only go to the restaurants look normal, you can ask hoteliers the restaurants with great food and cheap, or ask to see the menu before. If you have looked already without eating, they will also not say anything. People here are very gentle and honest.

Upon arrival Kuta, you should spent a dinner to eat at Jimbaran Bay. This place has the food stalls along the beach, they put tables on the beach, burn candles with music. You walk along the sea and ask to see the menu, find the most affordable place to eat.


Buy souvenirs at market Sukawati Art Market near Ubud, many items, affordable. I have gone the other places, the prices are more expensive 3-4 times. My hotelier said that we can price down 75%.

Shopping in Bali
Buy souvenirs at market Sukawati Art Market near Ubud, many items, affordable.

The characterized souvenir is a statue of 1 male and 1 female carved in bone; right price is only about 50,000 Rubiah. Price of other carving souvenir is just around 100,000 Rb (of course, the small things about 20cm), the delicate souvenirs with high value are also many.

1 day tour in Bali about 40 USD / person, the trips are similar to that in other tours. A little advice is that you should not buy tour, just rent car only, and do not need a guide because the tourist destinations in Bali are easy to go, not large as the parks in Singapore or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Price for renting a 7-seat car from 8 am to 10 pm is only $ 42. In addition, Bali has many adventure tours, like sliding down the mountain by a rope, biking, trekking, etc.

Mountain Semeru - Bali

You should also watch some performances here to feel the culture of Bali. Show at Ubud palace, at the Thursday night weekly, performs traditional dances; a show in Uluwatu with the repertoire goes on charcoal, recreates the mythical stories of Indo also quite interesting.

Price in Bali is very cheap, with about $ 50 per day, you should be comfortable to spend, many hotels, many services, gentle and kind people, and very easy to go to destinations. Just by buying cheap flights, your trip is much cheaper than go to other countries. Have a successful trip.