Thursday, November 17, 2016


The impressive tourist attractions in Egypt

As one of the oldest and attractive tourist destinations in the world, Egypt with the retention of many collections of famous antiquities and legendary national treasures that many tourists have to admire in centuries. Egypt country with an impressive culture not mixed with any other place will definitely be a big challenge for those who want to discover all the beauty of it. Here are the impressive tourist destinations in Egypt.


Once you can overcome the chaos, the culture shocks and the "ticket brokers" in Cairo, this city is a dream destination. For history fans, this is the place intended for them, because the cultural tradition seems to be kept perfectly to every corner of the city.

There are many ancient temples, tombs, churches, monuments and museums here for guests to explore. And you do not forget to visit the famous antique market Khan el-Khalili or the other street markets, especially when you're looking for a few things like flying carpets or copper jewelry.


The second largest city of Egypt, Alexandria gives us the feeling of being in the Mediterranean or the world-class cities like Marseille or Athens. Known by the tall buildings and the luxury plaza, in the past, the Alexandria was a very modern city. Although currently some attractive features have faded a little, there are many attractions to visit in here.

 Montazah Palace Gardens​

You can visit the Montazah Palace Gardens with spacious quiet gardens, learn about the history and architecture of Qaitbay, an impressive fortress built in the 15th century; or choosing one of the old cafes, sipping a cup of coffee in hand while looking the Mediterranean Sea is also a good idea.

Red Sea Coast

Sharm el Sheikh is known as the most impressive resort in Egypt with the warm and clear blue water and cool ocean strip and beautiful coral reefs, and is considered one of the unique destinations in the world. Sharm el Sheik has luxury resort with many casinos, a nightclubs, along with the sunshine, sea and white sand, is very suitable as a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts explore the underwater world of colorful.

However, the real beauty here is the Red Sea with clear blue sea water, with the amazing number of fish and corals. And that is why this place is considered as one of the most amazing dive sites, giving you the experience of the world's best scuba diving. Having the opportunity to try scuba diving in a great place, with an experienced guide and passing the challenge of yourself will make you never be regret.

Pyramids of Giza

There is not any tourist can leave Egypt without visiting the Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza. They are the only places left in the seven wonders of the ancient world and have dating back more than 4,600 years old. This is a really magnificent spectacle, and also hides a lot of mystery. If you have time, you can visit the main parts of the pyramid for about 2 hours, but to explore the many attractions further you need to spend about a day!

Luxor city

Only a few places in the world can be lovingly called an outdoor museum and the city Luxor of Egypt is certainly one of them. In fact, the number of protected areas and monuments in Luxor area is larger than that in anywhere else in the world and most of the holidays in Egypt will have no meaning if you do not visit Luxor.

If having the opportunity to travel to Egypt, you should take one to two days to visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens with more than 60 underground graves. Make sure you will have a visit to Luxor and impressive temple Karnak in here./