Thursday, November 17, 2016


Together to enjoy some specialties in Philippines

Philippine cuisine is influenced by many neighboring countries, but still has distinctions in the use of raw materials, spices and processed. This is why their dishes outside looked quite similar to the cuisine elsewhere, but when tasted, the taste is absolutely different and brings its own special features.

Filipino Lumpia Recipe
This spring roll dish often appears in the city having Chinese people in the Philippines. The inside part consists of minced bamboo shoots mixed with chicken or shrimp grinder, spices, then rolled in rice paper and fried. Filipino Lumpia Recipe is usually eaten with immature shallots or leeks and a sauce made from sweet soy sauce. Sometimes, this dish is dip with sweet and sour sambal sauce or eaten with fresh peppers.

Sinigang sour soup
This nutty sweet and sour soup is one of the specialties. Tamarind sauce and lemon juice calamansi provides the featured sour for sinigang, combined with the sweetness of bacon, taste of vegetables and coconut juice.

Grilled pork Lechon
This is a familiar dish in the party or special occasion. The pig is whole grilled on charcoal until having the yellow skin, delicious soft meat. The pork is chopped pieces and dotted with liver sauce.

Pancit Palabok
This dish is very popular, with shrimp, pork, boiled eggs, green onions and aromatic shrimp sauce sprinkled over rice noodles.

 Pancit Palabok, a specialty of Philippines​

The meal of Filipino is often indispensable Adobo. In which, pork or chicken is cooked with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices until ripe. Adobo is very suitable to eat with white rice.

The pork meat parts that are little used as head meat, cheek meat, liver, etc. are shredded mixed with onions, peppers and eggs. Sisig can be processed in many ways, fried or steamed and then grilled. This dish has attractive aroma, crunchy and chewy taste very suitable with beer.

Sisig, a specialty dish of Philippines​

In the past, this stewed dish is made from goat meat, but now can use beef or pork instead. The meat is cut into large pieces, boil the potatoes, tomato and add the liver sauce creating attractive aromatic flavor.

Leche flan cake
This sweet and soft dessert is made of condensed milk and eggs.

Another option for dessert is halo-halo. This dish usually has many brilliant colors, including caramel, condensed milk, ice cream, shaved ice, added dried fruit, beans, etc. presented in cup or coconut fruit. Nothing rather than being enjoyed a cool halo-halo cup in the hot days at Philippines./