Thursday, November 17, 2016


Snorkeling in the Philippines, an enjoyable experience

There are many snorkeling points in Philippines, but this place will definitely be one of the best sites, where there are a lot more experiences that you may probably need to try once in your life.

Tubbataha Reef National Park
Been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage site, Tubbataha Reef National Park is one of the best dive sites in the Philippines. This place focuses more than 600 species of fish, 360 species of coral, 11 species of sharks and 13 species of whales. Tourists will have the opportunity to admire the brilliant setting on the ocean floor between the cool sea waters. Not only having great value on beauty, but this park is also a place important to keep and preserve the rare marine species.

Apo Island
Not only being one of the 5 best dive sites in Philippines, but Apo Island also is in the list of 100 best dive locations in the world. Local authorities have tried to build the island became popular tourist place to contribute to attract people traveling to Philippines. Besides diving activity, visitors also can visit the sanctuary on Apo Island to learn more about the exotic underwater animals.

You will be watched these fishes when participating in diving at Apo Island​

Honda Bay
Honda Bay in Palawan is also a popular stop for many tourists because of the impressive white sand. Visitors can observe the image of several islands floating between the blue sea; it is pretty beautiful. In addition, the animal and plant life in the ocean are also very rich, varied and colorful. However, the price here is more expensive than other dive sites in the Philippines.

 Guests dive into bottom of the sea and watch huge coral​

Malapascua Island
A lot of divers from around the world want to come to the Malapascua Island in Cebu to see sharks having quite bizarre shape, unlike the usual sharks. Guests must be patiently waiting to have an opportunity to see them. And the shoals Monad on the island is where the sharks often swim in the afternoon. In addition, there are also many other marine species that are quite featured characteristics.

Standing on the shore you still can see the bottom of the sea at a depth of a few meters​

Puerto Galera town
Puerto Galera town is a famous seaside town in the province Mindoro, attracts many tourists visiting while traveling the Philippines due to the cool, fresh climate. Series of restaurants, hotels and resorts are scattered everywhere. And the most favorite activity is diving. This town has more than 40 dive sites being suitable for all levels, from beginners to professional divers; this town also aggregates numerous of colorful fish species, impressive coral reefs. Besides, tourists can be admired the romantic sunsets on the beach when the afternoon began to wreak./