Saturday, March 12, 2016


Ganxi Dong, Kung Fu village in China

Like a few places in the other countries, China also has a kung fu village Gaxi Dong. There is a hypothesis that to against predators, healthy boys of Ganxi Dong village created the moves imitating dragon, tigers, leopards forming the martial Kung fu, and taught to the people.

Ganxi Dong is a small village hidden deep in mountain Tianzhu in central China. Belonging to one of the 56 ethnic minorities of this country, every people in the village is very good at kung fu, a famous martial of this nation. However, each one pursues a different style of this ancient martial art. They use sticks or farming tools and his fists to strike and defend themselves.

A verdant village with few traditional huts nestled on the mountainside became the characteristic image of Ganxi Dong when be widely shared on Chinese media. Picturesque scene became location of practicing kung fu perfect for people at different ages.

There are two assumptions given by local people when explaining about the appearance of this martial art in the village. Some said that previously, people and livestocks were often attacked by wild animals. Therefore, the healthy young man in the village was chosen from each family to learn martial.

A posture practiced by people here in every morning​

They invented the moves mimicking dragons, snakes, tigers and leopards, and teach skills for other family members. Every family is practiced in a different style creating many kung fu sects.

Another story has it that when the first family settled here, they are often looted the by people in the surrounding villages. So they invited a few masters to teach them how to protect themselves. They learned new skills and ultimately, retransmitted for people in the village.

No one knows the real story about the famous kung fu village now, but kung fu learning tradition still exists and thrives in 123 households in Ganxi Dong. Because young people are now working in the city, women are encouraged to learn kung fu with effort to preserve local traditions.

If you visited this village and had inspiration, you will admire the beautiful martial postures and people here will teach you a little to defend yourself. In this village, both boys and girls are very good at traditional kung fu; every house has different martial posture with difference in way of practicing, but generally, navigates to attack and defense